Mastering Google: SEO for 2012 – Video 1

Welcome to our Mastering Google video series!

Our first video deals with a recap of SEO in 2011 and best practices for SEO in 2012 based on what we learned from last year.

Download by clicking here (right-click and save as…).

Video presented by Josh Bachynski.

Let us know your questions and/or comments below :)



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  • Victor

    Great video. Looking forward for the next part. Thanks Josh and Areeb.

    • Chris Thomas

      Wow! Great video, packed full of sharp and to the point golden nuggets!

      What I am very confused about is your advice (along with lots of other stuff I’ve been reading lately)  to stop using spun content.

      Surely SENukeX is all about spinning your content?

      I’d really appreciate clarification on this one.

      • Nalynhot

        not enough to convince me..
        Its just a basic update …Josh how can you prove your method? how many weeks or months or even year you can gain SERP position if your method?

        • bachelorette party ideas

          Not only that, but all this “great info” being departed to us can be rendered null and void by the next google koala update. We’re going after a nebulous moving target, folks.

      • Btray77

        The whole thing he said is write your own content…  Don’t use other peoples, and make sure you get at least 60% unique.  and if it doesn’t pass with atleast a 50% on it’s crap.

  • Jay

    Good advice… Thanks Josh

  • Sales

    great video lot of info

  • Quickfirst2

    I must honestly say that was worth watching and on top of that, the guy actually talks in a language that you can understand, without gobbledygook, no offence to speakers whose first language is not English but it is much better if it is. 

    Thanks to everybody for a great video, fantastic I will be watching this more than once.

  • Paul

    Wow, Josh just did an analysis on my site to help me get it out of a penalty…he definitely knows his stuff.  

  • Suresh peters

    Great Insights Josh :) 

  • Shahbaz

    That’s cool
    thank you nuke

  • Alex

    thanks for this video and i learned a lot.

  • JD Online Services

     I can’t wait to see the 2nd part of the video. The video loads slow in my pc and It doesn’t buffer even though I paused the video. At last I finished the 1st one.

    • Areeb Bajwa

      The download link has just been added underneath the video.

      • Jeffrey Gordon Parker


        • canthoinfo

          Hi Shawon,
          That last statement of yours is something that the people at SBI have been talking about (and doing) in large numbers for a few months now. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Site Build It!
          (They have more then 80.000 + successful sites by their owners in the system)
          But the owner proposed all members a few months ago to cancel all GooglePlus Accounts and also disable Google Analytics and every other service by Google except maybe the email account.
          At first I thought he was fighting a GIANT too big to handle… but you know what???
          That’s how GOLIATH was beaten… By one little boy…

          • canthoinfo

            Hi Shawon,
            That last statement of yours is something that the people at SBI have been talking about (and doing) in large numbers for a few months now. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Site Build It!
            (They have more then 80.000 + successful sites by their owners in the system)
            But the owner proposed all members a few months ago to cancel all GooglePlus Accounts and also disable Google Analytics and every other service by Google except maybe the email account.
            At first I thought he was fighting a GIANT too big to handle… but you know what???
            That’s how GOLIATH was beaten… By one little boy…

      • JD Online Services

         Thank you Areeb for such a quick action. I ‘ve downloaded the video and please permit me to repost it on my blogs for review. God bless and more power.

      • Rick Upshaw

        Thanks for posting the link to download the video.  Because of my location (I’m out of the country doing some consulting), I was having a real problem trying to watch the streaming video.  (This is actually true of all of the videos on your site).  Being able to download it and then watch it was a HUGE help!

  • Marc Ferguson

    Great Video Looking forward to the rest of them

  • Sam Paul

    really nice

  • arnauld

    Real Cool Stuff. If you could manage to make the next video load normally it will be great.
    Thanks to share. I believe that SenukeX 3 will be a MASTERPIECE. Looking desperately forward to grab my copy.

    Be blessed

  • Rob

    really informative video, usable stuff.Thankyou

  • TevisVerrett

    Well done Josh, and the thoughtful advice is greatly appreciated.

  • Joel Putland

    Awesome video, thanks for sharing Josh and Senuke

  • JoelgetmoreMLMLeads

    great insights to 2012, thanks for sharing, awesome stuff

  • joshua

    My pleasure folks. The next couple videos will be on more #SEO experiments and also maybe a part 2 just for nukers on how to actually apply the linking theory mentioned in video 1 – any questions just ask on twitter

  • Saci

    Awesome stuff – keep feeding us, and we will feed you! 😉

  • Nikolaalx

    Video is unbelievably slow. Pausing all the time and its impossible to be watched from Europe.

    • Areeb Bajwa

      Must be your internet connection Nik because it’s hosted on amazon’s servers, which are crazy fast!

  • eric_sullivan

    Great Video Josh! Now It seems like SENuke has been made less useful. I would love to see a video on how you would use SENuke for both a new site and an old site.

    I would also be interested in you thoughts on content curation.

    • joshua

      Hey Eric, SEnukex is still useful, in fact now even more so. Only a tiny fraction of the linking sites went down in the recent Google purge (as compared to ALN or BMR which lost the majority of their sites and their customers are hurting). Nuke can even fix penalties if used correctly… maybe I’ll do a video on that… ;p

      • Skippy

         I would love to get your ideas for fixing the google penalties that you mentioned.  My site just got penalized and I’m trying to put a plan together to “repair” it’s ranking.  Looking at my backlinking vs. visitors per month, I might have been too aggressive.  After hitting #1 for my keyword/domain name, I was de-ranked to #101.  I think I can get it back with some sage advice, though.  Thanks for the great video Joshua!!

        • joshua

          email me at and I will see what I can do

          • bachelorette party ideas

            I too will need your advice. My site appears to be de-indexed and I have requested as reconsideration. Are you offering your advice as a service?

      • Sweeppicker

         Hey Joshua, Please do a video on how to cure the minus 50 penalty without a reconsideration request.

  • Susan O’Dea

     I would love to watch this video, but it wouldn’t buffer or load properly. I could only hear about 5 words before it would stop and pause…then it would give me another 5 words.

    Does anyone have an idea as to how I can watch it properly?

    • Areeb Bajwa

      The download link has just been added underneath the video.

      • Susan O’Dea

         Thanks Areeb!

        • Areeb Bajwa

          Susan, we will make sure to do the next one in a more compressed format :)

          • Susan O’Dea

             Thanks Areeb!

  • Jeffrey Gordon Parker

    Whats wrong with your video man?

    At least let us download it so we can watch your shit.

    • Areeb Bajwa

      The download link has just been added underneath the video. 

  • Mehr Bajwa

    SEnukeX any effective after panda update?

  • CJ Heitz

    Great video, one discrepancy in my opinion: Everything I’ve read, watched, tested and tried, still shows that backlinks, no matter the quality, with exact anchor text still seems to rule supreme. What am I missing?

    • Areeb Bajwa

      CJ, Google recently made a statement (post-panda) that it will work very hard to flag “over-optimized” sites, and identical anchor text everywhere is probably a really good signal of that.

      Entire statement here:

      • CJ Heitz

        I understand that, and have read/listened to that (your link) however, I always ask myself these few questions: 1. How would G know who,how,when the links were made? 2. G must know that there is no control over organic links and how people use anchor text (shared posts, lazy people copy and pasting, etc.) 3. If having consistant anchor text can penalize your site, what would stop a competitor from simply building TONS of links with the same anchor text to your site to move you down in rank? G can’t be so simplistic as to not take these into consideration, just as I and I’m sure many more people do. I think G releases/says many things to throw SEO’s off. I take everything they say with a grain of salt until I see it. Sure, some sites may be flagged but, with the growth of websites nowadays, I can’t imagine the effects will be wide spread. With all of the alg changes in the last 18 months, none, not one of my sites has been penalized for anything, yet. 😉

        • joshua

          It’s not just one thing they clue into. Avoiding exact match anchors above 30% of your total link profile is ONE of the factors they key into, and yes, it could possibly be a game changer alone. And partial match at around 60% ranks just as well, so why not mitigate that risk and rank well at the same time?

          It depends on other factors like how exact match optimized is your text and titles (on the exact same query)? how duplicate is your text – all compared to your competitors optimization profile.

          I have seen this DOZENS of time in recent weeks fighting penalties for people. We tone this down and their sites often start coming back up – unless there is an obvious paid link in their profile, or links from spammy “get a free link here” directories that have been penalized/spam flagged – gotta clean those off too.

          But I’m sorry, google has had false positives in this last round of spam deleting, no they don’t care who they hurt in that process, yes they do admit bad links can hurt you, and their google guidelines admit as such and have since 2006.Yes negative seo is on the rise, and no it is not always easy to do, but it is actually not that hard in most cases and yes bad links (among other things, or in combination with other things) CAN hurt a competitor site. For most already overly optimized competitors it is really not that hard.

          I’ve done it.

          • High School Fundraising


            You say that negative seo is on the rise and that YOU HAVE DONE it to competitors. If what you say is true, and you have EVIDENCE to back this up, why not put together a course on that? 

            That would truly be “Mastering Google”… because as you said, you HAVE done it, so you know it works. All the other stuff you talk about is pure speculation…albeit, good speculation.

  • Thiet ke logo

    thanhk for sharing

  • Jlic53

    Awesome! Thanks! Look forward to learning more!!!

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  • Matthew Hunt

    Nice work Josh! Great overview of what has happened in SEO over the last year and bit.

  • Jon Ochs

    Excellent presentation Josh. Thanks :)

  • Chris Thomas

    (Sorry for posting again, this wasn’t meant as a reply to Victor)

    Wow! Great video, packed full of sharp and to the point golden nuggets!

    What I am very confused about is your advice (along with lots of
    other stuff I’ve been reading lately)  to stop using spun content.

    Surely SENukeX is all about spinning your content?

    I’d really appreciate clarification on this one.

    • Areeb Bajwa


      What Josh was referring to was low quality spun content. There’s a big difference between spun gibberish and high quality spun articles with perfect grammar. The spinning is not the problem, the quality of the output is!

      Please read our last blog post about how to do high quality spinning in nuke – with the click of a button!

      Here’s the link:

      • joshua


      • SEO Cagayan de Oro

        I agree SenukeX can be used both on a white or black hat method but that really depends on its user itself.

      • stickers

        yeah, exactly.. :)

      • Rick Upshaw

        When I first signed up for SENuke, I was extremely disappointed & disheartened to see that the program was promoting low quality spun articles that barely made sense in order to rank well.  So now that I read that post, Areeb, I could not be more pleased!  Some of us care just as much about the quality of content put out as well as the quantity, and this hits the nail on the head!

    • Dingleberry

      I found this quite amateur.  If you want some good advice for 2012 SEO. Avoid using low level link building programs like SEnuke and start improving your social signals, content and build real link partnerships with real people building real sites of value.

      • joshua

        how do you define low level? link trading and baiting often does not have the link velocity required to compete in competitive markets, social signals do not work half as well as the seomozers would claim (yet) according to my experiements

      • SEO Marketing 2012

        Says “Dingleberry”… master of the… nothing? Please go back to eating chips and drinking pop on your couch. Joshua great post. I own an Internet Marketing Company and I must say, this is excellent free advice! 

        • Dingleberry

          Well, if you find this information new or useful then your most likely not very experienced. It is a regugitation of many pieces of common knowlege spread widely across the internet. The phrase “building links” is becoming a stop word for google and are working hard at making this a smaller factor when it comes to ranking a website….wouldn’t you?, with everybody developing programs for link building that trick the algorithms….the content filters and social signals detected by google may not be the most impactful right but they are getting stronger with every update… this imo is where time/money is best spent. And i would enjoy some chips but im just too busy making boatloads of money online to warrant a trip to the store;)

  • Raj

     Thanks for the video, it has got loads of things to know and learn more about mastering SEO..

  • Rob

    This presentation method does not work very well as Josh is talking to the board half the time and I can’t read the board anyway. Better to use slides to back up what he is saying.

  • Rob

    OK I have now downloaded the video and watched that. You have already had comments on the file size. Way too large.
    The content is great but I would appreciate typed slides for all the written info and Josh facing the mike throughout.
    Promising to be good series but could become classic with a few adjustments.

    • Areeb Bajwa

      Thanks. Will pass these suggestions on to Josh. I personally like the whiteboard look better than the boring Powerpoint style though :) Will make sure it’s easier to read next time.

  • Black Seo Guy

    Great video guys…super info

  • Albert


    You didn’t address the issue of content curation…its a hot topic right now…is curation something a site must have for original continent???


    • joshua

      from an seo perspective, all content you want to rank has to be unique, and i would robot disallow boiler plate stuff that is copied online and doesn’t need to rank

  • Jan Michael Madrigal

    Im not already watch the vid but it looks promising, bookmarked, watch soon.

  • Brian

    more…More…MORE!!!! I’ve watched this video three times and took diligent notes.

    White board, black board, smoke signals I don’t care. Keep this going!!! Thank you for taking time to do this.

    Often over looked aspects of SEO is making better use of the quality links and content we create, time on site and bouce rates. It’s enought to make one really think about

  • Tony Miller

    Awesome video! I feel this guy really knows what he is talking about and he answered a lot of questions I had that I couldn’t find answers to.

    Great idea with posting this. Can’t wait for more!

  • Pam

    Great info Josh and will look forward to future videos.
    Could you please either get a larger board to write on or just print larger? Impossible for me to read the red in the bottom right.

    • joshua

      haha, will do

      • Johnson Cera

         Thanks for this info Josh. If you could make a transcript/pdf version of it, I would really appreciate it. I have a very slow internet connection now.

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  • Spokane Web Designer

    This is a FANTASTIC video, thanks so much for sharing it. I cannot wait for the penalty recovery section.

  • Info

    thanks josh this is content that can be put imminently to use. thanks to SEnukes for doing these videos

  • Dean

    Hello Josh,
    Thank you for this series because it is helping to bring clarity to somethings that have not been. I do have a question that I need to understand a little better.

    What do you mean by deep links in my site?

    Thanks for sharing really good info.


  • PLZ


  • Dnr2109

    Fabulous video, and great info.

    I have a question tho.

    How does Google measure bounce rate and time on site etc.

    Does it rely on Google Analytics?
    I am not sure how Google can track bounce rate and time on site.

    Can you explain that please?
    Many thanks

  • Web Impact Marketing

    Help!  I am being punished by Google.  I don’t know what to do and this is a client’s site.

  • bjn

    I found this to be quite informative and useful. While the whiteboard set-up does suffice, it would definitely help to include some more visual information in a more clear manner – especially to demonstrate concrete effects such as those that involve real numbers. Still, as a self-described SEO intermediate, this was well worth the watch and I look forward to the next installment. 

  • crespo

    Great video and good information shared. I’m downloaded  it to my pc.

  • Ana Roman

    Very good video and well explained. Look forward to the other coming ones!

  • Simon Hill

    Im not sure about all this talk about being penalised for ‘lowquality’ links. If you could get penalised for building spammy links you could have your competitors penalised. I think the spammy links just become COMPLETELY DEVALUED to the point where you have no decent links, you will drop off the first couple of pages.


  • Paul

    Enjoyed your prsentation and am looking forward to the next.

  • Paul

    You can get penalized by Google?  That’s ridiculous.  Now I’m going to do all of the wrong things to my competitor’s sites and start a ranking war!

  • Damon Day

    Excellent overview. The problem though is that even though Google has penalized some sites, there are still quite a bit out there dominating the serps with nothing but a volume of spam links or spammy dashed exact match domains.

    Don’t know what the solution is, but it is really hard to always play by the rules, when you are in a competitive niche, and pretty much the entire first page is doing things that are not supposed to be done.

  • Voyle Glover

    excellent!  Clarity, brevity, and substance, delivered by someone who has “screen presence.” Refreshing. Thanks.

  • Mustafa_S

    Great Video. Very good useful information for anyone interested in making sure their website is ranked right.

  • home theater seating

    Awesome … i love this backlink building tips for new google algo in 2012 … i still confuse about the statement ” 30 unique x 10 pages = 150 to 300 links max / month” … i wonder , from where number 30 unique comes??

  • Edseward

    Free content. Great content.  So why all the complaints about how it is presented?

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  • keliix06

    12th grade grammar might be good for Google, but if you are trying to convert users it’s awful. Anyone who is anyone in copywriting will tell you to dumb the text down as much as possible, it will convert more people.

    Don’t get sucked in to writing more complicated text just to rank better if it’s going to kill your conversions.

    • joshua

       i agree – what i meant was not having spun garbage. use this free tool here and try to be over 50/100 on the grammar score – most spun garbage articles are 35-45 in my tests – so just be above that number and panda will not catch you on it – remember, like a bear, google catches the laziest of us – you don’t have to beat google (in fact you can’t), just your competition :-)

  • Wahidujjaman Shawon

    I read some other posts about the new change of Google Algorithm Panda Update 3.3
    In my opinion it is not a strong rules they would like to implement. If too much anchor text backlink is bad for the site and looks spam then anyone can do it for spamming their competitor with Keyword they are targeting. That is easy to build links for others with a bad target while doing nothing for own.

    Again, I watch the video and downloaded. One of the point you explained that, google measure the bounce rate or the time of staying in a page to measure if the page necessary or not. Also the different geographical location or visitors from different IP’s are important. So, then anyone can do it by setting proxy ips, using tools and staying on the page they want to rank and show it useful to google. I can offer this service to you all from oDesk profile

    Actually, I think it is a business of Google to keep them no 1, making popular google+ than facebook taking the social signals importantly, and their own wish rather than thinking other people. They think they are best, they can do anything when they want. 

    I am feeling the necessity of new search engine or making popular Yahoo and Bing, so that google will understand that they can’t do anything whenever they want.

    • Carl Riedel

      Hi Shawon,

      That last statement of yours is something that the people at SBI have been talking about (and doing) in large numbers for a few months now. I don’t know if you’re familiar with Site Build It! 

      (They have more then 80.000 + successful sites by their owners in the system) 

      But the owner proposed all members a few months ago to cancel all GooglePlus Accounts and also disable Google Analytics and every other service by Google except maybe the email account.

      At first I thought he was fighting a GIANT too big to handle… but you know what???

      That’s how GOLIATH was beaten… By one little boy…

      • Wahidujjaman Shawon

        Thanks Carl,

        I am feeling it strongly. Google’s decision is harmful for a lot of people, who invested a lot money in their web business and looking to get traffic for their business.

        I am proposing all the web masters to use Yahoo and Bing and through away Google from right now.

        Let me know, who are with me? Lets Vote here by replying write Yahoo or write Bing.

  • Iman

    Although Google uses the Panda algorithm, Google still counts backlinks for SERP!

  • seo services

    I am caring about all these things doing my backlinking, but I got new things like rotating anchors and not creating backlinks more than unique visitors. Thank Josh

  • seo services

    more, you did not talked about Bad Neighbors, which is big cause of penalizing/devalue a website.

  • Nwaywritings

    Nice, It is really nice to have got such useful information. Please, keep posting so that we learners can learn from you.


  • Mirza S Reza

    Is it possible to make these videos sequentially in separate URL or in you tube channel ?

  • Atlanta Plumbers

    I do what he says, and the results have been excellent. Really good content.  Thanks for the video.  It’s always great to get an expert opinion… expecially for free!

  • Indehost Web Hosting

    I’m not sure for all of this. Google is one of the best search engine today, i don’t think that the result will be good if we messed up with it. Anyway how old is he?. He didn’t look like mastering seo for 12 years and been in IT industries for 20 years. OMG.

  • Slimdusty72

    Fantastic presentation and can’t wait for the upcoming video series

  • Malcolm Simmonds

    Hi Josh. That’s really good information. In depth and up to date. I look forward to future videos.

    Many thanks


  • Alex Main

    Great Video, but, always a but some contradictions, for example a new site with no visitors will need to get links to get visitors so how do we keep to 1 unique build 1 link? Ok that may seem silly, however a site I have was just sitting around and I decided to experiment and make it like an authority site, so the Index page was effectively the affiliate clickbank sales page, Bounce rate 0%, changed to unique content every couple days now and yep bounce rate now 40%, so before they stayed on and looked around now its just another lot of content site and off they go. The contradiction being spammy non unique low bounce rate versus unique original content high bounce rate oops loss both ways.

  • Gary Beal

    Hi Josh

    The problem with your take on ‘Rotating Partial Match Anchor Text” is that many people operate in sectors that do not have sufficient long tail opportunities and creating an individual page for what is available is important to be able to rank for the exact match search.Take Bingo for instance. ..very few partial matches that I would want to use on-site because I need the page to target ‘online bingo’ or ‘free online bingo’.The other issue I see with this technique is the issue with pointing alternative, but similar anchor text back to the same page. This confuses Google as to what term you are actually targeting.Is some extreme cases I have tested you can have duplicate anchor text pointing to multiple pages and one page (usually the strong one for some reason) gets buried because Google picks the page.I think your example of x,y or z instead of xyz is probably the best advice. xz,yz,etc. will just cause more serious issues if you have limited secondary or long tail opportunities.The exception to this would be if you had plenty of secondary or LT terms to target, but then you really need to sit down and do some serious diagraming or use the silo technique.Gary BealGaryTheScubaGuyPs. My SENukeX has been crashing regularly. I have it on a Dell Inspiron laptop and when it crashes it has this high-pitched, almost dial up connection sounding squeal. Any ideas? My updates are up-to-date :)

    • joshua

      Hi Gary, those are easy: Like playing bingo online? Get free bingo here… or even bingo online is partial match to online bingo. Stay under 30% exact match and you will be fine,60% partial and 10% natural signals. Always present what would seem natural.

      Take my advice or leave it, but the recent penalties for exact match anchors, experiments on seomoz, and my experiments all support my advice.

      • Wahidujjaman Shawon

        Hi Josh,

        Can you explain why we should change ourselves, Do something, not to do something, do this way, use this, leave this, 100% or 60%, Go there, Use it, Why Why Why???

        Google Change there algorithm to make penalties for the whole process of Search Engine Ranking. It has some benefits to them but loss to us. One Example,
        According to the new changes, it is too difficult for seo optimizer to guarantee to rank there Keywords on Google as you know there is no guarantee to rank the Keyword rather than save our sites ranking from penalty. I am providing SEO services which refused to rank in Google. The ranking is for Yahoo and Bing. Let me know who need this service here

        So, why should we do what they want as they are loosing our money and mind. 

        Is there no one who want to dump Google as a Garbage??? 

  • Raperez

    PDF tanscription for non-English speakers would be nice!

  • Jsybord_123

    hi josh.

    verry nice. you know josh i just want to learn about the SEO can you tech me?

  • Martin Sky

    very good video.
    free ads mytransportads

  • Michael

    Thanks for the great info!

    Just a tip – a bigger whiteboard would be very helpful… it’s kind of hard to read your writing.  :)

  • Violincounter

    Awesome video, thanks.

    Could you explain what “mentions” are in more detail?

    Thanks again! :)

    • joshua

       mentions are where your domain or brand is mentioned in the text but not
      linked. They do matter as google is basically a giant synonym maker –
      associating words with other word groupings as it finds them. it is not
      as strong as a signal as a link, title, h1 or some such, but get a text
      mention on something like Wikipedia and suddenly your long tail goes up
      for semantically related topics :-)

  • joshua

    mentions are where your domain or brand is mentioned in the text but not linked. They do matter as google is basically a giant synonym maker – associating words with other word groupings as it finds them. it is not as strong as a signal as a link, title, h1 or some such, but get a text mention on something like Wikipedia and suddenly your long tail goes up for semantically related topics :-)

  • Alan

    Very useful video. 

  • Ringer37

    Great presentation Josh, appreciated it.  Quick question on spinning for you, that I’ve always wondered about.  I use article builder content, which gives me articles spun at the sentence level, and it gives me upwards of 60% uniqueness easy and read fine.  But there is no spinning done at the word/phrase level.  Does that matter?  Do we need to have sentences spun as well as words and phrases within those sentences, even if I have uniqueness percent of 60% or better?

    • joshua

      Ok, you guys have probably noticed by now that I am SUPER careful – I manage a very large SEO portfolio so I have to be. 60% should be fine, but you will have to switch that out every 2 months or so. I like to go for 80% uniqueness by either  adding more text and letting nuke select and/or handspinning it and nested spinning the paragraphs.

      Present “natural” signals in every seo tactic.

  • Area Enlight

    it seems google is going after sales pages, i have seen several pages in my niche fall because they are sales based. They are also going after sites that optimize and poud links onto home pages only
    you need lots of inner pages and send links t those pages
    has anyone noticed these two points?


    Hi Joshua.Very good video and very understandable too.Now I know what to not go ahead with and what guidlines to follow.I had no idea about partial keyword match! Thanks

  • Mark

    Wait a minute, are you saying comment links don’t count?!

    And no exact match anchor at all?! Alright found it in the comments: so under 30% exact should be good, 60% partial and 10 % natural.

    Thanks a bunch,


    • joshua

      comment links: risky in this link climate (and more risky moving forward) and low quality
      yes correct.

  • Mark

    Wait a minute, AND no exact match in the posts copy? Are you serious, is that what you meant?!?!!

    • joshua

      no no, use exact match in the copy to no more than 4% kw density overall, but only under 30% in the anchor text

      • Mark

        OK thanks Josh; I use about 1 %, so 4 times approx for 400 words, plus derivatives of course. Good to know, you’re very helpful.


  • S Shore

    Good points.  I agree / believe that dynamic content is going to continually increase in importance, as is ‘site acceptance’ (click through, bounce rate/time, etc.).  I am EXTREMELY disappointed that Google has gone back on their position about Google advertising affecting page rank.  After all, their own social networking effort isn’t being pushed for humanitarian reasons – it is yet another vehicle for them to rake in advertising dollars.  There is something to said about being a bigger fish in a smaller pond by optimizing for alternative search engines.

  • Alternative Energy Reviews

    Now this was a very cool breeze in a hot summer day, so to say after all the bad articles and stupid videos that I have read about the new SEO updates! Thanks a lot for sharing all this with everyone and Happy Ranking! 

  • tony

    hi josh – very professional – you really know your stuff.

    i have many sites that have been penalised – not de-indexed, but obviously hit with penalties – that used to rank on page 1 for competitive keyword terms

    I have tried many things but can’t get them back.

    I have tried to really improve original content and make it a much better user experience – but no luck

    what can i try to get them unpenalized?



    • joshua

      Every site is different and may be penalized for different things. I would have to do an analysis but I am super swamped with existing large customers. If you are interested email me at

      • King_of_treasure

         Email has been sent…Thank You

  • GreatEagle

    I actually like new Joshua. With the old one I stopped using SEnukeX as his explanations were a bit difficult to diagest. Jush Bachynski is the way to go mate. I am looking forward to your further videomails. You are making a lot of sense and I’ll be going Yahoo way very soon.Never tried Bing though, is it better than Yahoo?

  • Mark @ Make Them Click

    Great video, where do I sign up for this blog or get the rss feed?

    I must admit I was confused when I looked at senuke afterwards as it seemed to be a spinning service which you seemed to be recommending against.

    However, after reading some of the other comments here, it sort of became clearer.

    I’m still not 100% sure of the value of spinning, perhaps you could cover that in your next video.

  • FatSteve

    Great video, however, I am getting great results with syndicating (reposting to multiple blogs) good written and unspun unique articles – indexing rate is 100%, sometimes minutes after posting.

    Another thing that this video does not tell you is that, if you take a look at the “normal” written articles (I mean, not USA but some journalists), not made for linking back, you will find tons of links to authority sites like “Apple” “Samsung” “BBC News” “PR Newswire” and so on – think about putting those in the content.

  • Hilgard Muller

    josh thanks for the info, just one question though, i have a pr3 site that i have build from 100 % duplicant content, it has not been affected in any way regarding pr etc, it reveives arounf 6000 to 8000 visitors per month from pure search engine results this site is

    • joshua

      only a small percentage of your pages are above threshold dup content (around 40%). Either Google thinks you are canonical for those duped pages (my guess based on my findings), or you are actually not ranking for them, or panda has not found them yet and or you don’t have enough other “spam” or “manipulation” signals for google to care. They handle dup content all the time, usually flawlessly and silently.

  • AffPortal

    Great presentation Josh. I’m running an seo challenge starting next month and this totally helps me get a direction for my new sites.

  • Steve

    Excellent stuff Josh. Will be looking forward to the next video on ‘mastering Google’. Please send another link to my email to inform when next vid is out. Cheers mate.

  • Jd585

    Wow! Looking forward to the next videos.

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  • King_of_treasure

    Love the Video and info and do have a question.

    I did get hit. all keywords are anywhere from page 5 to page 15 to not past 200.

    First Question. Can these keywords as is ever come back with more linking

    Second question. Lets say my keyword is Oregon Plumber and I been using this keyword with anchor tex for a long time. Was #5 not on page 13. If I start to build anchor links using “the best plumber in oregon” or plumbers in oregon” or “click for a plumber” How will google look at this to rank me for the term Oregon Plumber? This is what I do not understand with the vary of text info. How will google know what it is im trying to rank for?

    • joshua

      Every penalty is different – email me and I’ll check

  • Jim Mooney

    It looks like Google is just trying to high-link sites that have good, useful information, not crapola. What a concept. No wonder sales-types hate it ;’)

  • Sam Deane

    Great video thanks Josh – My take on this is that Yes for sure things are moving towards social signals and yes G is making noises about devaluing backlinks, spam, black hat techniques etc and certainly address all of what Josh is saying here as it is all relevent but this is not the end of the world nor does it require a complete shift in approach. I think those who continue to make good quality backlinks will continue to have successfully ranked sites. However, if you want to take it to the next level, my belief is we need to keep doing the backlinking (SENukeX etc) AND start mastering google plus and google places. Someone in the thread below/above suggests we should petition agains Google (I think he even asked – “who’s with me?” (!)) This, in my opinioin, is just avoiding the reality of the situation instead of being willing to bend and change to fit the new reality. Facebook has 840mill GooglePlus has I think 180mill – but that 180mill happened a WHOLE lot faster than FB’s first 18omill and is on the increase. I suggest, whether or not right now it is as good, as friendly, as useable etc, nevertheless GooglePlus WILL have as many users as FB within 2 years. While everyone is rushing to feminize themselves so they can get on board with Pinterest, I am focussing on GooglePlus and what it needs (example: In July 2011, a blog post at the Google Webmaster Central blog said:

    “We know that great content comes from great authors, and we’re
    looking closely at ways this markup could help us highlight authors and
    rank search results.” – So authorial reputation needs to be addressed).All the bestSam

  • Mark

    As I understand it, this update targets exact match anchors and over optimization? What does that mean, anyways: “over optimization”?

    Question: what about all-in-one seo and wordpress-seo plug ins by yoast and semper fi, are they still good to go? Or would that also be over optimization?



    • joshua

      Like any seo tool it depends on how you use it – if you have 20% or more “red apple” links pointing to your website and “Red Apple” in the title, and some dup content, so wil have over optimization / spam issues.

      • Mark

        Thanks Josh, got it Sir! :-)
        What’s your take on the minimum of 650+ words per post on your money site? I went for 400+ thus far…


        • joshua

          longer articles better

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  • jason072


    Currently I do not have more than one exact match keyword in more than 20-30% of my link profile like you recommend.  However I do have one particular word that shows up in my keywords about 60% of the time. 

    For example, a niche like weight loss would need to use the word “weight” in the majority of the keywords, i.e. weight loss, the best weight loss, weight loss tips etc. 

    If I keep my exact match keywords below 30%, but if I have the word “weight” in 60% of my linking profile is this going to hurt in the rankings?  And if so what would be a maximum percentage you would recommend? 

    Depending on what that percentage is that you recommend, do we just diversify our link profile with natural signals and call to action keywords until that percentage is lower than what you recommend?


    • joshua

      My recent penguin research indicates that to be absolutely safe you do not want to go any higher than 10% for any money keyword to the index page. A sub-page on weight loss can have much higher percentages, I’ve seen as high as 70%. You can always say “want to get more fit? go here” or “great site for to learn about looking thinner” – Always add natural signals for about 91% of your links. I will release my penguin research in a few days, and make a video in about a week or two.

  • Xxxarte

    You are far much better than Jeremy Ashburn (ed)

  • Brian

    OK, Josh I may have missed this so apologies.

    When you duplicate the campaign, would you then go in and choose 6 new articles to COMBINE?  If not, how many times would you use those same 6 before you get another 6?



    PS – Not a complaint, but I found the video low res so I couldn’t read the URL files names etc within nuke. I know its hard to choose between file size and quality, but a little higher res would be good next time.
    PPS – AWESOME STUFF THO and thanks for the share

    • joshua

      It depends, b/c I hand spin my articles to above 80% uniqueness I can afford to reuse them almost indefinitely because every new spin is essentially almost as unique as if I hired a new article each time. The more you get lower than 80%, the sooner you need to replace them. Also click the download button or HQ for high quality.

  • Jtsapos

    Before i saw your video on Mastering Google 2012 I did a fiverr gig which got me 350 backlinks from PAD (Paid submit worker). I didn’t think about it at the time and I had my home page get all those links.

    I then saw your video and realized I may have messed up. I saw my Home page URL jump to page 5 for a couple of days and then completely disappeared now for the past couple of days.

    My site visitors are 15-25 and my site is 18 pages so technically i should have been drip feeding the links at a rate of about 10-20 per day, but instead I hit my home page with 350 backlinks over a 2-3 day period.

    I did get a jump in the SERP’s to page 5 and briefly to page 1 but now it’s not showing up at all (past two days).

    I checked my URL keyword in quotes as well as the entire URL in the google search.

    Fortunately my site URL still comes up number 1 when typed into google search and also several of my pages come up in the first 10-20 pages when I do a google search for the URL keyword.

    Not sure if I should continue to backlink to my other pages 10-15 per day or wait until next month as I may have overdone it with the 350 backlinks to the home page all in one shot like that.

    Please advise. Thank you, John

    • joshua

      without doing a complete analysis I cannot say. email me if you are interested

  • jtsapos

    Before i saw your video on Mastering Google 2012 I did a fiverr gig which gave me 350 backlinks to my Homepage URL in 2-3 days via PAD (paid submit worker).

    I got a jump in the SERP to page 5 for a couple of days and very briefly to page 1 but now my URL doesn’t show up at all in the search.

    My site is new < 1 yr. and i have 15-25 daily visitors and about 18 pages.

    I didn't drip feed the backlinks and now I am afraid that Google may ignore any further backlinking.

    Not sure what to do. Should I wait until next month to do any more backlinking, should I press on and start deep backlinking to my other pages at a slower rate of 10-20 backlinks per day?

    I did type my Homepage URL in google search and it came up number 1 as well as I put the URL keyword in quotes in the search and several of my posts showed up so I don't think I have been penalized.

    However I am not sure whether to continue to drip feed backlinks to my other posts or wait until next month as i may have fulfilled my backlink quota for the month.

    Please advise. Thank you, John

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