Mastering Google: Advanced Linking in SEnuke X

Got penguin woes?

No problem!

Josh is back to give you a 30 minute tutorial on how to do advanced and sustainable linking in SEnuke X, and also how to use SEnuke X to the maximum with advanced campaign templating. This video is essentially a part two of the first video. The tutorial is about 30 minutes long, and although it uses SEnuke X as a SEO/Linking program, it is also a great general example of how to beat Penguin by making natural links in a scalable way.

Let us know your comments and/or questions below 🙂


45 Responses to “Mastering Google: Advanced Linking in SEnuke X”

  1. joshua Says:

    Note: Although the tutorial was done on my home laptop on March 23rd, this is how I link and I have not suffered any Penguin issues on 40+ sites, or Panda issues for that matter. Hence why I say these methods are Penguin-safe. I will also be releasing a Negative SEO video and Penguin Video shortly. Stay tuned!

  2. Jeremy Says:


    It seems as though you use the same spun article for every duplicated instance of a template, correct?  How many times will you duplicate a particular template?

  3. joshua Says:

     I always hand spin to over 80% unique by using readable synonym, then sentence spinning then paragraph spinning, so as the articles are no more alike than normal, I can use them almost indefinitely.

    Or you can just use the article builder if it covers your niche – even easier 🙂

  4. Flatdanny Says:

     Could you explain exactly how your structure your link routers? Do you never directly link to your money site? Thanks…

  5. Gary Says:

    Thanks for a great video!
    One question – what was the advantage of copying the same email address and password into the forum profile creation project?

  6. Pat Says:

    Thanks a lot for sharing. I will have my Nuke guy try your strategies out  🙂

  7. banksy Says:


  8. Jesse Ali Says:

    Joshua, this was invaluable. Thank you so much! I never knew how to set up a campaign as a template like this, and only recently discovered some of the other techniques you mention. Thank you for doing this! 

  9. CJ Says:

    I use a similar method and all of my sites and my client’s sites have been fine through the Google changes. I differ in opinion about the amount of links to new sites and exact anchor text %. I’ve blasted 1,000’s of links to brand new sites with no ill effects, I’ve also linked with 100% exact anchor text with no ill effects. That’s not too say that it can’t/won’t happen but, as of now, I’m safe. I will start adding non-exact anchors to be safe. You didn’t mention anything about using the Article Builder section in content generation. I have only used that exclusively since it was added and get 60%+ uniqueness everytime. What say you?

  10. joshua Says:

    Even if it works now is not the point – it may not work in Penguin 2.0. Everything I do has to work in perpetuity. You have to present natural signals – what would it look like if you did no SEO at all and people donated links to you? Do that 🙂

  11. Atlanta Plumbers Says:

    Dang, can I just use the Wizard with the full monte and call it good?

  12. CJ Says:

    Yeah, I was wondering the same thing… Seems that everything I’ve read/watched says to alternate templates and even create you own so the linking structure isn’t exactly the same. This tutorial seems to go directly against that….

  13. joshua Says:

     This campaign I setup as a template with my added projects basically uses every kind of link so there is not much to vary. It also depends on whether you already have backlinks to your site. If you do, you may not need to add backlinks to your nuke links and then you can link every project to your link router target by changing the url lists and choosing that url list on the projects

  14. CJ Says:

    In the video you start with the “Full Monty Forum Version” and add a couple more modules to it. According to the SENukeX Forums and beginners videos (and every other resource I have found) says to NOT continually use the same template in SENukeX. That you should vary the templates/duration as well as build your own from scratch. Are you saying that you can use a lightly modified “Full Monty” template for the rest of days? It makes sense, how could Google possibly know in what order links were built, right?! It just goes against everything else that’s out there about building links with the Wizard in SENukeX.

  15. nkthen Says:

    Instead of running Full Monty for 20 days, I can also run Single Pyramid in one day, but for every 3 days right? 

  16. Jesse Ali Says:

    I think have also done fine with 100% anchors, but I just started changing them around 2 weeks ago, when I noticed that they were editable. I have also had great results without editing them, but I imagine the results will be much better with partial match etc. The real insight for me, that solves the issue with using the same template each time, was the 75% and random settings that I was unaware of… THOSE are a gamechanger

  17. Ali Jasbi Says:

     I build millions of backlinks with senuke…does this changes effect my ranking???

  18. Tom Says:

    Josh how can you have over 3 article account creations in the full monty schedule, however, you haven’t added further accounts for them to sign in with.

    In essence you are signing into the same article directory with the same username, password and email. Thus you will get a very low success rate after the first submission. Surly you need to add new accounts for the different modules??

  19. joshua Says:

    to my knowledge, the full monty v3 splits the submissions to 3 separate tier 1 projects. I don’t know why it does that – better success rates possibly? it is just the one I chose and it seems to work. You can use any campaign structure you like

  20. Ljp74 Says:

    Please record the next video in a higher dimension pixel size. This is impossible to really see any detail when watching on full screen ;-( You’re going through some pretty advanced stuff here and the detail needs reviewing. Very very interesting strategies. I have yet to really use the Wizard. Had been warned it leaves too much of a ‘footprint’. Hard to see how when I watch this. 😉

  21. Areeb Bajwa Says:


    Just press the “HD” button at the bottom right and the video quality should improve a lot. It’s disabled by default.


  22. joshua Says:

    hey look at that ;p i didn’t even know that lol

  23. Zuckerberg smokes cock Says:

    Hay homies. Freakin awesome. My excellent SENUKE strategy avoided penalty from the google noobs with their  cock smoking strategy. SENUKE rukez.

  24. Daniel W Says:

    Do you think that recovering from Penguin is now just a question of simply building new diversified backlinks with less aggressive backlinks, or is it a question of first removing sites which could have caused the penalty (using i.e. majesticSEO, etc)?

  25. Brickhouse Says:

    First off, I love the trainings you are providing. When you launch the next version it will definitely increase your conversions because people will feel confident that there are training videos that will show them how to use such a powerful piece of marketing software and use it effectively. 

    Also, everything that follows are merely suggestions.  So, please don’t think I’m trying to pick apart what you’re doing.  I truly appreciate the time and effort you are putting forth to create these free trainings. 

    Second, there were A LOT of assumptions made by the creator that we (nukers) already have an understanding of this or that.   We are all at different levels and some of us are still wannabe computer nerds and need hand-holding.  You know what happens when you assume…

    I would like to see brief explanations on topics that you assume we know.  I.E. If a topic requires a 10 minute explanation at least give us a cliff note version to create a level of familiarity or reference a URL that explains it.  (You did do this a few times in the above video, but not on everything.)

    Third, I would absolutely love to see downloadable PDF’s that provide a step-by-step review of the content contained in the video.  That way we can reference a download as we implement what you’re teaching in the videos.  Really, really, really would like to see that…..We could kind of check things off as we implement.

    Fourth, maybe I’m being selfish here but I really think that since we are paying customers these videos should be kept inside the member’s area instead of being published for the world to see.  I know this sounds really stingy, but at the price per month this software costs it would be nice to have “inside” knowledge and for those who want the “inside” knowledge you’re creating they should need to purchase it.  That helps affiliates, members, and you…in my opinion. 

    Again, I would like to say Thank You for creating these trainings and I really look forward to the next one. 


  26. joshua Says:

    I understand – the tutorial was already 30 minutes long so I didn’t want to make it too long so I had to assume / offload people to the other basic training videos which are part of the member area where you download the software. These videos are meant to be more promotional and typically would be on general SEO topics – this just happened to be a nuke tutorial as well

  27. Thomas Kane Says:

    Great tutorial, thank you!

  28. Chung Says:

    Hi, quite understand your video, but I think I miss some important parts because English is not my native language, can you briefly explain why do you make a duplicate campaign? For re-use purpose?
    Secondly, you said that you will make the Social Bookmarking and Forum Profile to the MN, but is it too dangerous? Should I only use the built-in site? Because if I use the additional FP, it will be about more than 1000, and I dont think 1000 link from profile to MN is safe at the moment.

    P/S: I signed up for free-trial with the ed-grammarly, and I realize that it is too strict in grammar, I mean it is for academic use, like a research, assignment …, and I do not think that Google  will care about this academic issue. For example, I used “you, we” in my personal blog, and this site tell me that this should not be used, but I did not write an academic article, why did I need to care about academic rule? Furthermore, it is also strict in some common words like: simple, bad, really, as marked them as “potential overuse”, which is for academic only.

  29. joshua Says:

    yes re-use purposes – not the only way to do it, just one of the ways I like to do it.

    yes grammarly is an academic site so it is likely too harsh – but that doesn’t matter – it is free and gives a numerical score that therefore can be compared – most spun articles are around 35-45 in it so try to be over that – it is not currently a part of penguin as far as I can tell BUT it could be added at any time. My SEO philosophy is always plan for 10 years of ranking (not just ten months) and present natural signals

  30. Morena Says:

    What was the advantage of copying the same email address and password into the forum profile creation project? How come you just didn’t let the forum profile account creator do this?
    Also do you always use 301’s? Do you ever link directly to your money site?

  31. Senuke X Says:

    SEnuke is the leading and trendiest software in the market these days.
    It is constantly upgraded and developed on a regular basis to improve
    its features.

  32. John Says:

    Hi Josh

    Any chance of download version like the first one. I travel alot and get to watch them on planes where no one can bother me

  33. Mike Says:

    I have a quick question. Did I understand correctly that you schedule the full monty to run for 20 days? Is it with the 3 profiles or just 1? 

  34. Mike Says:

    Also, don’t you think that by using the same username you just leave a footprint that is easy traceable by any search engine?

  35. Peter B. Says:

    Really Nice ! Tahnks for this!

  36. JohnC Says:

    regarding the 301 – do you use pages on your target site for this purpose?
    example: point all links to which in turn redirect to or use some other domain you own to point to

  37. SEO Philippines Says:

    I was pretty noob when I see this new penguin strategy. I don’t get some of the point but It really  helps me a lot. Thanks Josh for the insights.  

  38. G Freiboth Says:

    I don’t understand the adding of the modules in the single instance created from the Wizard. Is it good enough to just use the standard Full Monty template instance for other nukes. Also don’t you need to alter the Title for every new instance of the campaign? How do you do that?

  39. senuke x Says:

    senuke x is very good

  40. Alp Says:

    If you can convert this video into written work, ı will be so glad. I think like me many person couldn’t understand some part of the speech for our poor listening 🙂

    Kindest regards

  41. Mubashir Shafi Says:

    Solely, waiting For SEnuke XCr!

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