Get ready for SEnuke XCr!

Hey guys,

I know we’ve been quiet in terms of updates for some time now, but that’s only because we’ve been working on something CRAZY behind-the-scenes.

I am so excited to be able to share with you today what we’ve got going on in our labs.

SEnuke X is about to change – in a major way!

In fact the change is so big that we’ve decided to give the software a whole new name: SEnuke XCr

What’s so big that it deserves a whole new name, you ask?

You see, the biggest gripe that people have had with SEnuke X so far is that every nuker submits to the same list of sites. People want their links to be somewhat unique – customization power. And that’s exactly what we’re addressing with this update.

Behold, the (tentative) feature list for SEnuke XCr:

1. Easy macro recorder – teach SEnuke to submit to any website on the Internet with just a few clicks.

So you found a cool new social network site that you want to build links from. The only problem is: SEnuke doesn’t have it. What do you do? You add it yourself!

With this cool new feature, ANY website on the Internet can be automated. No I don’t mean only those sites that all use the same platform – like the forum profile module’s add sites feature – I mean ANY site on the Internet! You can add custom sites in every single module that SEnuke supports! No longer will you be restricted to just submitting to the same sites as everyone else!

And you don’t have to be a programmer to use this! There’s absolutely no “code writing” necessary. It’s a very simple click-click-click interface. A complete demo video will be released soon showing this in action!

2. FOUR new modules

We’re constantly looking to expand the number of places SEnuke can build links from. SEnuke XCr includes 4 brand-spanking new modules:

1. PDF module: SEnuke will automatically convert your articles into a PDF file and submit it to document sharing sites.

2. Wiki module: Submit to hundreds of wiki sites with the ability to add your own custom list of sites that use the most popular wiki platforms.

3. WordPress module: Submit to your own network of WordPress blogs from right inside SEnuke!

4. Google Places module: Do you have a local business? Or do SEO for one? This module will help you sky-rocket your business listing to the top of Google Local.

3. Thirty second “Turbo Wizard”

Everyone loves the SEnuke X wizard. The only problem is, it can take 15-30 minutes to setup each time!

What if you didn’t want the kind of precision control that the wizard gives? What if you only want to enter your URL, keywords and press Go? That’s exactly what the 30-second turbo wizard was created for!

Fill in a little bit of information about your promotion, pick a strategy template from a drop-down list and press Go! The entire process to create a brand new campaign from scratch won’t take you any longer than 30 seconds!

4. Launch of Xindexer 2

With the launch of SEnuke XCr we will also be launching Xindexer 2. This is a huge update to the way the indexer works. New features include:

* Total Automation!  Xindexer 2 automatically removes links that are dead or already indexed from your URL list before they enter the indexing queue.  The result?  Only valid non-indexed links are processed; saving
you valuable time and money!

* Xindexer 2 conducts weekly link checks and index checks with Google to gauge ongoing system performance!

* All new Dashboard!  With a fresh design and a set of comprehensive tutorial videos you’ll get more than ever out of the data available through your indexing efforts!

* Custom subscription packages allow you to create a campaign that is tailored specific to your needs.  No monthly fees required!

5. Huge “SECRET” feature to be announced a few days before launch

This one is the biggest one, and for most people will be the most exciting of all the new features. It will literally shake up the SEO industry because of it’s sheer brilliance. But for competitive reasons, we can’t let you know what it is until just a few days before launch.

Hint 1: No SEO software out there has this.

Hint 2: People are drooling for this. They just don’t know it yet.

Hint 3: If you can guess what the “Cr” in SEnuke XCr stands for, you can get a pretty good idea of this new feature. How’s that for a teaser? 🙂

P.S. Big update to SEnuke X released yesterday! Click here to read more about it.

Questions & Answers:

Q: Will this be a free upgrade to all SEnuke license holders?

A: Absolutely! We never charge for upgrades and this will be no different.

Q: When will it be released?

A: An exact launch date will be announced soon. Judging from current progress it’s looking like an August launch.

Q: How does this effect Google’s new Penguin update?

A: The majority of nukers have seen no negative effects after Google’s latest update. In fact, for most people their rankings actually went up! That’s because Google has now started giving more ranking power to “authority sites” and that’s exactly the type of sites that SEnuke builds links from! For those people who were effected by Penguin, SEnuke XCr’s new “secret” feature will help slap the Penguin back to never-never land.

Q: Will you be re-opening the lifetime license?

A: Yes. The lifetime license will once again be available for 3 days after launch.


As usual please leave any questions and/or comments below.

Talk soon,

-Areeb and Joe

222 Responses to “Get ready for SEnuke XCr!”

  1. Joralie Limocon Says:

    that was freakin’ awesome! SENUKE Rocks!

  2. Eric Says:

     It’s awesome! I may consider to get another lifetime license!:)

  3. RobertKennedy Says:

    Why would you have to get another lifetime license?  You get upgraded anyways, plus you can run it more than one computer (I forgot how many – Maybe Areeb can clarify)….  

    …Unless your already using all of your licenses…

  4. Chris Carlin Says:

    you can run it on 3 computers but its easy to max those out if you do a lot of work. a 2nd lifetime license isn’t a bad idea for hardcore nukers 😀

  5. TBonium Says:

    It’s 3 or used to be.

  6. Jmrmarketingtoday Says:

    Oh yeah, now finally, won’t be much comparison to those that pay a lot on a monthly basis! Oh yes indeed, hopefully there isn’t a need to pay more.

  7. Affiliateboy Says:


  8. Shop wso's Says:

    This updates are really amazing… The other tools tested with doc sharing sites have between-15-30 sites.How many document sharing sites will be added in SeNuke? 

  9. Patricia Says:

    You guys are so amazing.,How do you do this!!!

  10. Cr Says:

    what does the cr mean?

  11. Dao Hoang Thanh Says:

    Crazy lol

  12. Ff Says:

    Comfort room

  13. Chris Andres Says:

    Sure am glad I have a Lifetime License!

  14. RobertKennedy Says:

    No doubt.  That is the only way to go in my opinion. If it was a monthly fee only I would have no interest in it at all.

  15. Chris Carlin Says:

    the lifetime has paid for itself over and over again. well worth it!

  16. Jackbrutschi Says:

    I totally agree here

  17. Chris Carlin Says:

    sammmme hereeee!!!!

  18. Risemysite Says:

    I am a current lifetime license holder, does this mean I get the new XCR update for free?

  19. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Of course 🙂

  20. Paul Johansson Says:

    can you guys integrate senuke x with Wicked article builder? It’s database is custom made. so we can enter our own content with images. Also what about wikis and forum posts ? That’d be awesum 🙂

  21. Matt Says:

    Sounds Great. I want it Now…..

  22. ImmaculateHunkOfPremiumFlesh Says:

    This is AWESOME guys , amazing work!

  23. Travis Wade Says:

    Sounds awesome! The most powerful SEO tool just stepped it up with super powers. Can’t wait to check out the new features!

  24. Jmsarturo Says:

    How much would the lifetime licence cost?

  25. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    The same price as before $1997, or 3 payments of $697/month

  26. Jmsarturo Says:

     If CR means “completely random”, feel free to delete this comment. I wouldn’t want to spoil it 😉

  27. RobertKennedy Says:

    Damn cheap!  

  28. Walter Bayliss Says:

     Put me down for one – and please contact me for email to make sure of receipt

  29. Maze Says:

    Damn, that’s much much more than I can afford 🙁

  30. James Jones Says:

    I would love to have a lifetime membership, but to pay the $2000+ off it would have to be spread over six months. I know the software is worth it but it’s just damn hard for some of us now.

  31. Fredmgb Says:

     Hi Areeb,Up to how many PCs on the same or differnt IPs (say for my VA) can I use my current lifetime licence on?

  32. James Jones Says:

    I would love to have a lifetime membership, but to pay the $2000+ off it would have to be spread over six months. I know the software is worth it but it’s just damn hard for some of us now.

  33. RobertKennedy Says:

    10 Grand

  34. SEOjedi Says:


  35. RobertKennedy Says:

    Get ready for main event. I will be offering a really package to those who end up purchasing through my affiliate link.

  36. Says:

     Cr = Captcha Recognition 😀

  37. Steve Last Says:

    CR = Custom Registration?

  38. Marc Says:

    Cr means credibility building, aka, posting info on Wikipedia and other credible authority sites.

    Or maybe Cr = cross linking? Ie, all your links to your links to your site will cross link each other.

    Or CrazyAssMoFoToolForWorldDomination…. Ooh yea, it must be this one!

  39. Chris Says:

    I second the “CrazyAssMoFoToolForWorldDomination”. That almost made me fall out of my chair!!! Bravo! I am looking forward to the August update!

  40. payday loan affiliate program Says:

     If they cracked reCapctha this will be an absolute game changer…!

  41. Muslim Girls Names Says:

     I dont think that this was possible it must be something else

  42. RobertKennedy Says:

    It wouldn’t surprise me if they cracked it.  

  43. Lk Says:

    hi areeb can i get update for my cracked version

  44. Andrew Zubriczky Says:

    Hey, Can’t wait! Count me in…1,2,3…

  45. Med TOledo Says:

    Excellent Tahnk You I am a very happy customer and user so far

  46. SEO Nerd Says:

     I just wanted to share this message I got today from Seo guru – Jerome KnyszewskiGoogle PLACES has changed TODAYGoogle being the bully that it is, is trying to FORCE you, me and everyone into using Google Plus.
    To do so they merged the G+ and Google Places. SO If you’ve set up a
    “Google Plus Page for Business,” great.  That will probably come in
    handy down the road.  If you haven’t, you should get busy, even this
    update has not made anyone “invisible”, it doesn’t mean you should get
    comfortable and neglect the G+ business profiles.As if it wasn’t enough of a PAIN to get customers to leave reviews, now they gotta jump through hoops and loops.Basically,
    they have to create a Google Plus page, log into it, search for your
    business in the “Local” tab in Google Plus, and finally write the
    review.  yadi yada… YUK!
    Ok without freaking out, it’s NOT much more complicated, but it
    certainly requires the customers to REALLY want to leave you a review!

    I expect an offset of negative reviews versus positive (ticked off people don’t mind hoops and loops)
    Eventually, at some point, you might have to ask your clients to
    “educate -read train-” their customers to leave “feedback” on top of
    reviews or aside of reviews reviews – like to “+1” your website or to
    add your Google Plus Business page (if and when you have one) into their
    “Circles.”  But who in this sane world would add a plumber or a carpet
    cleaner or a urologist to their “Circles”?
    Anyhow, Big G is getting more and more NOT COOL lol

  47. RobertKennedy Says:

    Oh well… It is what it is.  Google isn’t the only way to get wicked traffic results.  I couldn’t care less about Google to be honest.  

    I hate seeing all of the people freaking out every time Google comes out with a new animal.  

    Relying on Google that much is no way to run a business.  

  48. Abhishek Jain Says:

    Google comes out with a new

  49. Mindaugas Mieldazys Says:

    Probably next will be zebra, because they prefer black/white animals 🙂

  50. Marc Says:

    I completely agree with you that Google keeps changing things and it makes it hard for people to keep up…. And I also think that this change, in fact, is taking things in the right direction.

    Right now google places isn’t very good for customers. Sure, businesses love it cause it’s easy to maintain and setup, but it kind of sucks compared to Yelp.

    The new idea of making leaving reviews a social thing isn’t new, we’ve seen that before with foursquare, yelp, ets. The cool thing about this is better integration into search and providing more custom results based on what YOUR circle of friends leave, thus making it in fact easier to get reviews, since people will realize this will be an extra way to be social.

  51. Rb Says:

    It seems that google has a warped view of how people socially interact. Many people i know are plain too busy in the real world to be fking around on twitter and fb trying to update everyone its just bizarre and they talk about natural linking lets try natural social engagement!

  52. RobertKennedy Says:

    No doubt.  I just recently started using Facebook and that was only because the help forum for a certain software I use was a Facebook group.

    As for socializing Facebook is … well… lame… 

  53. carlstarus Says:

    You are right SEO Nerd, but the plus side of the equation is that because of all this crap Google is throwing up a lot of people(searchers) are starting to move AWAY from Google. I never thought this but this week I met 2 unrelated people, (prospective clients) who wanted to optimize for Bing and didn’t give a “rats ass” about Google optimization… (no matter how I tried to explain that it’s still the largest search engine)

  54. RobertKennedy Says:

    Actually it is a good thing,  keeps out the crap. 

    I never did rely on Google as it is too uncertain.  Actually I wouldn’t rely on any search engine.

  55. jav Says:

    Well lets wait and see. Planing to buy senuke now

  56. Nkotak007 Says:

    The updates are awesome… Lookin forward to taming the beast 🙂

  57. SEOPunk Says:

    Great stuff. You charge premium for the software but you’re not sitting on you arse, you deliver the goodies.

  58. RobertKennedy Says:

    Yeah it is a premium price, but you wouldn’t want every tom, dick, and harry using it would you?

    They should actually raise the price the next time they come out with a major update like this.

  59. Steid Says:

    This is as Awesome as is humanly possible..That lifetime investment… Rocks…WOW:)

  60. Nuradin60 Says:

    “Cr” in SEnuke XCr stands for, ?So whats Cr mean?

  61. OhNoos Says:

    But how will this help me rank better in the Googlz?

  62. RobertKennedy Says:

    Lets see… More content online with more backlinks pointing to your website, giving you more exposure.

  63. SEO Nerd (again) Says:

     My guess is that Cr stands for “Creation”, meaning you will launch a uber secret next generation content creation power machine 🙂

    You guys Rock!!

  64. Randall Ulbricht Says:

    Smokin! Authority sites (at least for a few months)

  65. Dlovin123 Says:

    I just came. 

  66. Dlovin123 Says:

     And again.

  67. Brandonhaber Says:

     I came.

  68. Alancech Says:

    damn, i just learned how to use SenukeX and still don’t quite get the design gallery…now i’m gonna have to learn how to use all the updates ?! sheeeesh…Areeb there are just so many hours in a day yknow…lol but i’m looking forward to the google places addition anyway

  69. Selimtulka Says:

    nasıl kullanıyon bu amınakoduğumunun programı

  70. mobile websites Says:

    When does it launch…..I need a lifetime….UD is too slow….and they are merging Bookmark Demon into it….but not bringing the main featured that make Bookmark Demon what it is.

  71. Gregg Says:


  72. RobertKennedy Says:

    “Curation” the latest buzzword in SEO.

  73. Jon Ochs Says:

    Shweeeet! I have always been impressed with this product. Keep it up 🙂

  74. Ryan Says:

    Controlled Release ? Haven’t used SENuke in a while, not sure if it has controlled releases. Might end up snagging a month shortly to see it in action again. Was very pleased with it – worked great last time I used it. Had a site to #1 in two-three weeks in a micro niche. 

  75. Juvenell Tagaban Says:

    I’m excited for the SEnuke Xcr! Excited to rank my client website.RAVE!!!

  76. Meganinmn Says:

    Will this version finally be Mac iOS compatible?

  77. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Sorry it won’t be. The market just isn’t big enough to justify all the extra work. Especially because you can use something like Parallels to run it.

  78. Meganinmn Says:

    I’ve subscribed before but I didn’t like running it on Parallels, too slow.  Maybe I will try VM Ware or something else since I NEED Seo Nuke again. I have the newest MacBook Pro so maybe that will help.  

  79. Chris Carlin Says:

    as already mentioned, get a VPS. $40 a month can get you a decent one. search the nuke forums for the deal.

  80. RobertKennedy Says:

    Yeah parallels is painfully slow.  If I had known how bad it sucks I wouldn’t of bothered. 

    They should actually warn you that it is as slow as hell or provide a 30 day money back guarantee so once you find out for yourself you can bail. lol

  81. RobertKennedy Says:

    Yeah I hate PC’s so I run all of my windows applications on Parallels.  Works really well.

    Another option is to get yourself a VPS so you can have a computer that is always online running for you 24 hours a day.  Well worth the cost.

  82. Megan Says:

    Yes I agree, I’ll try a real VPS.  Nothing I’ve tried works as well as SEO nuke and I have several new clients I need it for.  But Areeb et al…I still think you need to create an iOS version.  The market share is going up. 

  83. DevGuy Says:

    LOL.  An iOS version isn’t the same as a Mac Version.  Maybe try to learn how to develop and then you can appreciate the differences.  Areeb is correct, no matter how many phones are sold, Mac as a platform just isn’t big enough to focus development teams to build for it.

  84. Marc Says:

    Not cool. Running parallels sucks. Intuitive Mac OSX is a million times smoother and cooler, Windows really does suck.

  85. Tops Says:

    “Turbo Wizard”! I can’t believe you finally did that! These are some great features Areeb! Can’t wait for it! Have you guys cracked recaptcha?

  86. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Unfortunately no. Google changes it more often than I change my underwear. It’s a hopeless battle.

    If you nuke intelligently though (which I know you do) the captcha costs every month are an insignificant expense.

  87. RobertKennedy Says:

    Yeah the captcha costs are totally insignificant.  Cheap enough for anyones budget.

  88. Jeno Says:

    Xrumer can do it for a long time..

  89. RobertKennedy Says:

    No doubt.  I was just about to create a program that did the wizard for me so I could save time.  

    Can’t wait to check out this new version.

  90. rmorandantejr Says:

    I see the vast changes and hope this will bring our site back to its position after hitting by penguin.

  91. RobertKennedy Says:

    …Another Google casualty.  I like making making roadkill out of little google animals.

  92. Ming Says:

    I need a lifetime license, will you tell me how to do it.

  93. RobertKennedy Says:

    I imagine that Areeb will offer a lifetime license when the new version is launched.  Otherwise you can’t get one and will have to pay the monthly fee.  I highly recommend getting the lifetime license.

  94. Leonardo_morera Says:

    work on linux ubuntu or mac?

  95. RobertKennedy Says:


  96. RobertKennedy Says:

    Nice one Areeb.  I am super pumped about this. You guys are awesome!

  97. Fahad Khan Says:

    When will you open life time license… I had been waiting for it for 2 years now.

  98. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Fahad it will opened up once we launch XCr 🙂

  99. Fahad Khan Says:

    Areeb i have been waiting for life time license for so long.when you launch life time license … please let me know before you close it.

  100. RobertKennedy Says:

    You should of grabbed it while you had the chance I heard a rumour the new price is at least 3X what it was. lol.

  101. Nuker Says:


  102. RobertKennedy Says:

    Ha ha – This is funny.  I went to like this post and then tweet it and got this message: Oops! A URL in your tweet appears to link to a page that has spammy or unsafe content.

    What do you think that means? This isn’t a spammy page. And it seems safe enough to me.

  103. 121 Says:

    Lets hope the you dont have the same problems you did when senuke x launched lol. and also less bugs hehe, i knw you guys are ready this time 🙂

  104. RobertKennedy Says:

    I don’t  remember any problems.  Must of been minor and they fixed them fast.  

  105. Pobman Says:

    Well the first thing that came to mind was the element Chromium…

    If they ever release the .app domains be sure to buy the SEnukeXCr one!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  106. Cold One City, USA Says:

    Cr. Chromium.  Something that combats browser filter bubbles? 🙂

  107. keliix06 Says:

    I remember when we were talking the night you were bringing Dave on, and you were excited about it. Now I really see why 🙂

  108. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Dave was definitely a valuable addition to the team but this definitely won’t be a one-man job. We have a few very talented developers on board that nukers don’t know about 🙂

  109. Cold One City, USA Says:

    Nuclear Crisis Response?  Seeks and destroys gnarly links? 

  110. Citrine Says:

    Cross Referencing? Hopefully this update will address the desperate need for some social signals – twitter, google+, facebook. Even pinterest would be good.

  111. Senuke Review Says:

    This sounds wonderful! I’m looking forward to finding out what the Cr means. I have my idea.. but don’t want to spill the beans just yet. 

  112. Adam Arnold Says:

    well I am pretty sure the “Cr” does not stand for “crap ranks”

    I run 2 instances of SenukeX on 2 Oracle VM virtualbox’. Pointless having it run in your main operating system, use some proxies here and there and good to go. (I use 2, 1 for my stuff, and the other earns me 5K a month in SEO fees)

  113. Arjanbakker Says:

    please a link to your lifetime package

  114. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Arjan it will be posted once we launch XCr 🙂

  115. MyDailySoftwares Says:

    with 1 license of senuke xcr, how much PC I could run on? ^^

  116. Outsourcingprosandcons Says:

    This looks pretty good, i think it is time to renew my subscription 🙂

  117. Garish wasil Says:

    I guess Cr stands for curation (of content) Or content rewriter.


  118. Maksym Pshennikov Says:

    Sorry for offtop, but I can’t submit a ticket! When I click Submit button, the message ”
    Your ticket has NOT YET been submitted!” appears.

  119. raajneeti_org Says:

    Great 😀

  120. Ken Says:

    So will Senuke XCr replace Senuke X?  Will our current subscription just transfer to XCr?

  121. stuart Says:

    hope the new update really helps with google +local

  122. Cant_wait Says:


    I love the product and can’t wait! Do you think this will really be out by August? I remember how long we had to wait for SEnukeX to finally come out. Please try to get this released ASAP.

  123. Cant_wait Says:


    Any comment on the timing? August would be great. Are you guys dedicated to that?

  124. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Yes we’re definitely dedicated to it. Although we can’t give guarantees we really don’t want a delay this time.

  125. bestseoservice Says:

    Is there a lifetime licence w 10 slots? i actually run a 10 slots monthly licenceor developers…

  126. SEO Drew Says:

    This is SEO Drew here, I can not wait to test this new software. I am always satisfied will SEnuke, with this new and improved Cr I can not wait to see my sites shy rocket back to the top.

  127. Steveo12305 Says:

    is it Competitor Razorblade

    spam their url to death everywhere and prove the negative SEO everyone is discussing.

  128. Lionel Says:


    Very good news 🙂
    Just wanted to know how SE Nuke works with foreign languages, like French (latin), or Russian (cyrillic), arabic… If someone have an experience in this field, please share…


  129. senuke_de Says:

    Well if CR stands for Captcha Recognition i am pretty sure i come with a lot of live time subscriptions. A lot of  subscribers ask for this feature to be readded to senuke again.

  130. Jlic53 Says:

    OK, with Google Places module….regarding Cr…”C” must stand for Citation (build authority citation sites) and “r” Reviews (ability to add reviews to citation sites).

    This would be insane and the “edge” in this market!

  131. Cusco Says:

    Great! I have always been happy with this product. Hope you can keep it until now.

  132. Matt Says:

    My guess: Cr stands for Crawler – a backlinks checker much like the old Yahoo tool or OSE for competitive analysis.

  133. Jobguma Says:

    what will be the price?

  134. Fahad Khan Says:

    I am wondering if it would have the ability to run unlimited loops.The only drawback in senuke is : it doesn’t have the ability to run unlimited loops. I think it would be a great addition to add something like loop to future updates

  135. Migueliasd Says:

    when is ready, someboody can tell me please

  136. mastri3 Says:

    How much the price?

  137. Md. Arif Hossain Khan Nion Says:

    Grate SEO Tools. I love SENUKE

  138. Md. Arif Hossain Khan Nion Says:

    Please let me know it’s personal price.
    Rank Roots

  139. Tavitiana Says:

    just try the new senukex and appear error when create project. why?? what should i do ?

  140. G Freiboth Says:

    Does the Turbo Wizard imply that we don’t need to compose and enter spun Bio/About Me,Title & Bookmarks? Swedish Mafia has a 3-party tool that does this but it would be awesome if were built into SENukeX.

  141. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Yep that’s exactly what it implies 🙂

  142. Siva Says:

    CR means Character Recognition? 

  143. Senuke xcr Says:

    […] Senuke xcr Hello to everyone, i read about a new update for senuke x to senukexcr…read here… SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog – SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software […]

  144. Jennifer Tan Reyes Says:

    Will Senuke CR have the capabilities to create unlimited  articles and spin? Currently only 50 free articles per licensed and Most of the time the articles generated by article spinner in Senuke Have the worst grammar. How about the Bio? and other fill up form? Are you sure this will take only 30 sec? 30 sec without any human interference needed to check if grammatically correct. How about the Profile Creation – will senuke CR create spintax for name, surname and username? 
    I hope you will answer all my question, been using SEnuke for so long and I know major issue that needs to pay attention by the user, Senuke is great if used properly and articles generated should be closely monitored because it has the worst grammar ever. I don’t want any of my project to look unprofessional..

  145. Lionel Says:

     Very good questions Jennifer.
    I hope we will get an answer here…

  146. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Jennifer, have you seen the new ArticleBuilder integration with SEnuke X? That solves all grammatical issue concerns 🙂 So the answer to all your questions is yes 🙂 

  147. Jennifer Tan Reyes Says:

    You did’nt answerall my Question:
    1. I am not talking about article builder because its a paid article – I dont have money to pay for that, so  I need free article and currently only 50 free articles per licensed and Most of the time the articles generated by article spinner in Senuke. Have the worst grammar. 
    2. How about the Bio? and other fill up form? Are you sure this will take only 30 sec? 30 sec without any human interference needed to check. 
    3. How about the Profile Creation – will senuke CR create spintax for name, surname and username? 

    I hope you willanswer my question as specified above 1 to 3

  148. RobertKennedy Says:

    Yeah having the article builder there is great. I was actually using it before it was added to SENukeX, so I was pretty pleased when It was added.

  149. Lionel Says:

    Hello Areeb,

    A few questions regarding the payment (I’m interested for the Lifetime plan)

    – Do you accept Paypal ?
    – If not, is it possible to make a wire transfert to your company ?


  150. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Hey Lionel,

    Yes in fact we only accept PayPal 🙂

  151. Lionel Says:

     Perfect for me Areeb,

    Thanks for your answer. Have a nice day. Lionel

  152. Patthawoot Says:

    I have a question about Xindexer 2?
    * Custom subscription packages allow you to create a campaign that
    is tailored specific to your needs.  No monthly fees required! *

    Maximum Backlinks Per Day?

  153. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    It’s a pay-per-use service so you pay for the number of backlinks you’d like indexed, not monthly.

  154. Muslim Girls Names Says:

    Geniusssss, I love you guys

  155. Jennifer Tan Reyes Says:

    AreebYou did’nt answer all my Question:
    1. I am not talking about article builder because its paid article – I dont have money to pay for that, so  I need free article and currently only 50 free articles per licensed and most of the time the articles generated by article spinner in Senuke. Have the worst grammar. Can you guys make it more grammatically correct?
    2. How about the Bio? and other fill up form? This will take minutes to ill up
    3. How about the Profile Creation – will senuke CR create spintax for name, surname and username? 
    4. Are you sure this will take only 30 sec? 30 sec without any human interference needed to check. 
    I hope you willanswer my question as specified above 1 to 3

  156. Hent Says:

    Whats the deal…when does it release

  157. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    It’s in August sometime like it says in the blog post. A more exact date will be announced soon.

  158. Walter Bayliss Says:

    guys – when is the release?

  159. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    It’s in August sometime like it says in the blog post. A more exact date will be announced soon.

  160. RobertKennedy Says:

    oh yeah its coming back to me. it was brief though.  The SEnukeX team is constantly updating the software.

  161. Chullos Says:

    I just want to know how can I get a lifetime license is it possible? I appreciate your comments, thank you.

  162. Senuke XCr Announced | SEOperative | SEO Tips, Tools and Services Says:

    […] new features list is AMAZING (read about it here)and I can’t wait to create some more powerful Senuke templates using the new […]

  163. G Freiboth Says:

    Will the next SENukeX be able to post content to WiKi sites? I’ve heard that having good content on WiKi sites will increase traffic. Is there a Wiki Wizard template available?

  164. ارتكاز Says:

    Could you please let me know when the SenukeXCr will be released.

  165. Amanda Says:

    we wont give it to terrorists.

  166. Anthony Says:




  167. Jackbrutschin Says:

    I am really looking forward to this! 

  168. Mikejones Says:

    No chance of the video submission module coming back?

    Also, will there be something that would allow us to boost our youtube views, likes, subscribers? This helps boost videos in the rankings too.

  169. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    We’re staying away from anything video related for the mean time. But the customization features in XCr will let you do whatever you whatever you want to your videos by creating simple macros.

  170. Adrian Castro Says:

    Areeb, you are losing so MUCH business by not having a video submission module. The fancy link pyramids and link wheels you can create with Senuke is too much work compared to what you can accomplish in rank improvement in one video blast.

  171. Adrian Castro Says:

    Getting back the Video Submission Module will be excellent.

  172. Mikejones Says:

    There’s a website with very high PR ranking that allows do follow links in their comments. Will I be able to customize SE Nuke XCr to post forum comments too?

  173. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Yep, everything 🙂

  174. Clemence Tan Says:

    When is the release date???

  175. zero Says:

    Oh, i wish the CR means we don’t need to use any paid captcha solver anymore. Its really cost too much for me. 🙁

  176. m Says:

    would be great if we get OCR back ,coz CS is not enough speedy

  177. Alex Says:

    hi, can somebody please help me how can I set up the proxy details into senuke with my account on hidemyass

  178. xxxarte Says:

    CR stand for Customer Review

  179. Brennan Says:

    Will any of these updates be added to SenukeX Lite as well? Or any other updates to that? Us poor people gotta SEO, too!

  180. Art T Dash Says:

    What about people who have bought senukex paying 1997 dollars.
    Do they get automatic life time subscription to senuke XCr?

  181. Lionel Says:


    As I understood, SEnuke XCr will be launch in August.
    It will be on sale with a lifetime membership (1 payment) for 3 days only.
    What s about people – like me – who are in vacations with their family ???
    Don’t you think you have to offer an alternative offer?


  182. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Hey Lionel, if you have a special circumstance just create a support ticket and we’ll figure something out.

  183. Lionel Says:

    Prompt answer Areeb 🙂
    And thank you for the answer. Have a nice day, waiting you re announcement from now 🙂

  184. dfdfdfd Says:

    ya i used to love senuke – but now just listen 2 the vids- can’t use it cuz it costs a arm and a leg for captch

  185. Get ready for SEnuke XCr! - WordPress Business Blogger Says:

    […] View the original article here Share this:ShareFacebook […]

  186. Mike Says:

    Will the macro recorder be something like ZennoPoster?

  187. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Yep, something like that.

  188. HaneyAgent Says:

    Well, we are into the first week of august and still no update on the new Senuke x Cr. I have been quietly waiting for the new google places module and still havent heard anything about it. Whats up with that ?

  189. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Yes you will receive an email about it soon 🙂 Almost there!

  190. HaneyAgent Says:

    i want to skyrocket my business listing to the top of google local ! Come ON Areeb, do you have an ETA for that in mind ?

  191. Amanda Says:

    its august…. when is the new update coming??

  192. Walter Bayliss Says:

    I’m hanging out as well… I am sure in the interest of bringing money in the door – the guys will let all of us know… but sure would be great to hear of an (approximate..) date…

  193. Lionel Says:


    August is a summer period. Most of us are in vacation, or far from business. Could you give us an approx. date for launch?

    Thank you, have a great week end.


  194. Aldo Says:

    is ocr added on new senuke x ?

  195. Rob Says:

    Cr stands for crowdsourcing

  196. Lionel Says:

    Hello Areeb,
    Still lauching the new version in august ?

  197. Areeb Says:

    Nope looking like September now.

  198. Lionelp555 Says:

    Hello Areeb,
    I hope this message finds you in shape 🙂
    I have a question for you and your team Areeb:
    The new SeNuke seems to be launched in September, instead of August.
    I want to buy the full version, a single payment and I have money aside for this.
    My problem is that I will be 2 weeks on a business trip in Eastern Europe, with bad wifi hotels (and mostly unsecured).
    If I understand correctly, the version that I want will be available only for 3 days … and it will be impossible to buy.
    What do you suggest? A prepayment?
    Waiting to hear from you.

  199. Areeb Bajwa Says:


    Email me at and we can work something out 🙂

  200. carpefukendiem Says:

    Will we have to learn how to nuke all over again or is it going to be an adjustment to the current nuking process?

  201. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    There will be some new concepts but the core nuking is still the same 🙂

  202. Purchase auto backlinker Says:

    Purchase auto backlinker…

    […]SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog – SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software[…]…

  203. Chris Burton Says:

    Hi, how do you sign up for the affiliate program if there is one?

  204. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Chris, just create a free account at and you’ll be given an affiliate link 🙂

  205. Says:

    after waiting 3 months for Lifetime License and new release to come out and begging the company I work for that I need this tool. They decide to pay my SEnukeX Cr 2000 LT bill. I was so happy only to find out that paypal wouldn’t even touch them with a TEN FOOT POLE, I fought with tech support for 2 days just to find a way for them to take my 2grand and they crapped all over me.

    Totally unbelievable company. I was never so dis heartened in my entire SEO career. Cr stands for total Crap support and billing as far as im concerned.

    Areeb if your out there I have total respect for the work you put into this tool, but you have no business at all if you can’t do business? I have all receipts and order numbers to work this out.

    You Feel Me?

  206. Ranocherry Says:

    how can i add list of sites in social networking sites?So that, i can make more live links ..

  207. No Hands SEO Says:

    No Hands SEO…

    […]SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog – SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software[…]…

  208. SENukeXCr Reviews | SENukeXCr Reviews Says:

    […] Here was the teaser that the makers sent out to its members and as you can see below it was a no-brainer to jump on the band wagon as soon as possible:                         (original post) […]

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