Big SEnuke X update released yesterday! Version 2.6

Hey guys,

So we promised that we were working on new features behind the scenes. Here’s just a glimpse of them with yesterday’s update!

The changes include:

1. Added the ability to add custom sites in the article directory + social bookmarking module

Up until now you were only able to add custom sites to the forum profile module. You can now do the same in the social bookmarking and article directory modules!

The following platforms are supported:

ArticleDirectory-Article Beach
ArticleDirectory-Article Dashboard
ArticleDirectory-Article Friendly
ArticleDirectory-Article MS
ForumProfile-Expression Engine
ForumProfile-Invision Board

To use the feature, simply create a new account creation project and click on the “Add sites” tab.


2. Merged forum profile account creation project with regular account creation project

We got rid of the separate “forum profile account creation project” and instead merged it with the regular account creation project. To add custom forum profile sites, simply follow the same procedure above.

3. Updated PageRank of built-in sites

4. Added 168 social bookmarking sites

5. Added 46 article directory sites

6. Added 25 social network sites

7. Added 25 Web Profile sites

8. Vastly improved memory usage

This should be an end to those pesky “Out of Memory” errors!

9. Added ability to use #flickr# tag in social network project to add random flickr image

You guys wanted an easy way to add images to your social network posts, and it’s here! Simply add the #flickr# tag in any of your posts and it will automatically be converted into a random flickr image.


The #flickr# tag is currently only supported in the social network project because the other project types don’t allow you to embed images into the articles.

This is honestly the tip of the ice berg in terms of what’s coming.

We’ve been working very hard behind the scenes and in a couple of months we will be releasing SEnuke XCr which will shake up the SEO world!

Here’s a blog post detailing the new features:

Now is the perfect time to renew your SEnuke X subscription!

To sign up to SEnuke X (if you were a previous member) please login to your old account and click “Add/renew subscriptions” by going here:

To sign up for SEnuke X (if you are a new user), simply go to and click the Download Now button!

Talk soon,


24 Responses to “Big SEnuke X update released yesterday! Version 2.6”

  1. SEnuke X, SEnuke Blog - SE Nuke, Search Engine Optimization Software Says:

    […] « Big SEnuke X update released yesterday! Version 2.6 […]

  2. SEOPunk Says:

    Keep them coming, mate. I love #flickr# tag.

  3. SEOjedi Says:

    How will CR deal with the new Google+ Places migration? 

  4. Pop321 Says:

    For the lifetime license can you make it 5 or 6 months?

  5. Areeb Bajwa Says:

    Sorry, the 3 month payment plan is fixed.

  6. Uchiha Madara Says:

    How much is the lifetime license? 

  7. FC Says:

     If I have senukex, the senukexCR came as an upgrade or I have to buy the new one? and if so, the old senukex will be left behind or you will continue to upgrade it?

  8. Louiejackson Says:

    I bought the lifetime for SenukeX when it first came out. As far as im aware, Areeb promised all licenses upgrade with the software, so if you’re lifetime now, you are lifetime forever using the latest versions. I think he also said lifetimers are inclusive of any bonus addons etc if they were to be made.

    Just going off memory here, but don’t worry; if you bought lifetime you will be upgraded for free.

  9. Wiliiamdelporte Says:

    Can’t wait for these changes for tomorrow, not to mention huge CR roll out eta August. Well done Areeb and the team for always think of new ways and imroving Nuke all time. The roll out of CR sounds, it”s going to be a game changer!

  10. rmorandantejr Says:

    I also tried this new changes. My only concern about the changes is the relativity of the flickr image showing up to the title. I tried to submit in social networking site to see how the flickr images shown is not relative to the topic or the title itself. I suggest flickr should also be relative to the content.

  11. syera24jam Says:

    Ithink this will become the best seo tool of the years.
    Any discount here ?

  12. Tracey Says:

    AWESOME improvements!!

  13. Harry Says:

    Always good that you guys keep going forward and don’t rest on your laurels. Very cool.

  14. Moneyways Says:

    Great Job and well done!

  15. Ovcio Says:

    Thanks, i hope this version friendly for penguin…

  16. rolando abad Says:

    hope it can add social sites also

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  19. Yuretzz Says:

    I tried your software and uninstalled it but a login information still shows on startup, how to remove it completely?

  20. Sexy College Girls Says:

    I can not wait for this to come out

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  22. SEnuke XCr Review Says:

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  23. Danny Shaw Says:

    Is the XCr upgrade still on for this month?

  24. brenton Says:

    Thanks this must be great, I have been using now and I can see great in SERP

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