New Feb 3rd Update v4.5… SEnuke almost sold out… Price Increase Tonight!

Hey guys,

Just released a new update. Here’s what we’ve done:

1. Social bookmark nuke now saves URLs and RSS feeds created by the social bookmarking sites

Just go to the new URL manager and you’ll notice a new “Social Bookmark” tab.. This is where all the URLs and RSS feeds generated by the social bookmarking sites will be stored.

What does this mean? You can now ping these pages for instant backlinks! You no longer need to wait for Google to somehow find your you can tell Google where they are!

Also, these pages are powerful and will rank themselves on Google’s first page many times within a few hours!

2. Three new social bookmarking sites added:


3. New #lasturl# placeholder!

By member request we’ve added a new #lasturl# placeholder which you can place in your articles. What this does is that when you submit, this placeholder gets replaced with the LAST URL that was created by Social Network Nuke.

So if you’re submitting to blogspot first and then zimbio… the zimbio article will have the blogspot URL in place of the #lasturl# placeholder (for blogspot, since it’s the first URL created, #lasturl# will be empty).

What this does is create a circular linking pattern (with one missing node) for all your submissions which means each of your submissions gets 1-way links. According to Howie Shwartz this is a really powerful linking strategy. Also, because one node is missing in the circle, Google will not be able to detect this pattern (kinda like the 3-way links process, except this is 10-way linking 😉 with no reciprocal links)

Test it out and let us know your results in the forum.

4. URL manager saves every 10 seconds so you don’t lose your URLs even if SEnuke crashes.

5. We have fixed all the broken sites (ez4u is down though, we’ll wait a little to see if it comes back up)

6. Got rid of the “verifying license” problem that happens regularly. Now SEnuke will only verify license once when it loads.

Now apart from the updates….

SEnuke is almost sold out! As soon as we announced the price increase that’s happening midnight tonight, a LOT of people rushed to secure their spots. As of now we have less than 200 spots left of the 1000.

The price will go up to $127/month for the Pro version and $67/month for the Lite version for any new members from Feb 4th onwards.

If you sign up before that date though, you will be locked in for life at $97/month and $47/month 🙂

Hold on to your memberships!! We are planning on adding almost all the sites from list to SEnuke over the coming months!

This will be one powerful beast… exclusive to the 1000 member SEnuke community.


13 Responses to “New Feb 3rd Update v4.5… SEnuke almost sold out… Price Increase Tonight!”

  1. guido Says:

    love the lasturl tag … one tip would be to randomize the order the sites are posted to. So this would stop for example zimbio pages always containing a wordpress link, etc.

    another suggestion is to allow certain sites to only create 1 site regardless of domain availability. WordPress blogs are rarely staying around and some of this might have to do with the fact that SEN is create 4 blogs immediately upon account creation.

  2. guido Says:

    I’d also suggest a secret squidoo plugin 🙂 .. i know they asked you to remove it, but it’s a gaping whole in the nuke.

  3. derrick Says:

    will you be adding URL manager for the video this will realy help me.

  4. Alex Says:

    I’m in. You couldn’t blast me outta here. Thanks a million for a super great service.

  5. Shawn Horwood Says:

    guido, Squidoo can tell when you automate Squidoo lens creation and they delete the lenses like crazy. It is not worth it to have it as part of SEnuke, as you will lose all the lenses shortly after you create them.

    I have seen lots of people try to automate Squidoo lens creation and I have NEVER heard of anyone’s lenses lasting. Not one lens.


  6. Darnell King Says:

    Shawn is right.I tried the same thing and my lens was gone,before it got started.So don’t try that.

  7. Marcus Says:

    I thought it was my mistake _ I have generated several squidoo lens that mysteriously dissappear.

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  9. Cleveland Santor Says:

    As I have acknowledged, this is a small business tool. It’s not a miracle machine. It could easily change into yet another expense unless you put the commitment into learning how to profit from it.

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