Amazing New Spinner Article Generator Released!

Today is the day that so many of you have anxiously been waiting for!

The article spinner that I described in my previous post has just been released!

To check it out, update your version, then go to the Social Network Nuke tab. You will see a new sub-tab called “Generate Spinner Article”. Click on it. Then click on “How to use?” for complete instructions on using it.

You can now take ANY article that you want, and with a few clicks convert it to a very legible spinner article!

In my last post I mentioned that this technology can produce 20% unique articles, but we actually discovered a way to bring this uniqueness number up to 30% by introducing a “randomly shorten article to x%” feature! (You’ll learn more about this when you click on “how to use?”)

So now you basically have to do NOTHING to generate unlimited unique content for search engine domination except to click a few buttons and add your links!

Happy dominating! Let me know how you like it.

PS: With the $25/month subscription to the service mentioned in the software, you can create 166 spinner articles. This is because the service limits you to 500 article re-writes every month, and creating one spinner article takes 3 article re-writes. If you want to generate more than 166 articles per month, feel free to sign up for a second $25/month subscription.


30 Responses to “Amazing New Spinner Article Generator Released!”

  1. Dennis Says:

    Okay, been waiting and waiting and finally gave it a try.

    First I have to admit I was envisioning a simpler system, just press a button and you have your spun article. It’s a little bit more difficult than that with some back and forth work but not bad.

    It took me exactly 6 min 34 Sec to create my first spun article using my own 527 word seeder. I only used three different “rewrites” for the test but it came out perfectly readable and dup check came back with 19%, 19% and 20% for 3 checks (I imagine this would of been alot higher if I had gone out to “Rewrite Option 5”)

    Using the same spun article and the new “Increase Uniqueness” button set at 70% I got dup scores of 29%, 32% and 26%.

    All in all I give it an A+ 6 min and 34 sec is nothing when I averaged about 45 minutes spinning an article that long by hand.

    Great Job Areeb

    p.s. The original article tab seems to have a problem with hypens “-” returns pipes “|” in there place when pasted from notepad or wordpad. I think that needs an update quickly or is it just me?

  2. Areeb Says:


    Thanks for the great review.

    It took you 6 and a half minutes the first time, but next time you do it, I guarantee it will take you less than 2 minutes. The only thing involved is copying and pasting the seed article.. clicking “wrangle” 3 times and copying and pasting the results. I can do this in about 60 seconds.

    We tried to automate everything, but we faced some issues with CB’s administration who didn’t want us to do that for some reason.

    In regards to the hyphen problem… it’s working fine for me. Try again with a different article?

  3. Eric Says:

    WOW, waiting this update for a long time.

  4. Mark Says:


    So, if we are targeting a 300 word spun article, we should be using a 430 (300 / 0.7) word seed article (to ensure 30% uniqueness)?


  5. Dennis Says:


    Your absolutely Right!

    It should be noted in my review above that the 6 Min 34 Sec time included reading the directions and figuring out how everything worked. It only gets quicker.

  6. Areeb Says:


    Yep, you got it!

    Dennis, who’s Ruben? lol.

  7. Dan Says:

    I just downloaded the latest SE Nuke update, but I don’t see the new article spinner option tab. I also don’t see any link to it from inside my SE nuke member area.

    Where IS it? I’m dying to try it out!

  8. Kevinator Says:

    I HATE Vista! It seems I’m having all kinds of issues. I’ll stick with the topic at hand though.

    I’m using version 5.12 and I used the article spinner but it’s just not working.

    When I click on the link “How To Use?” I get a “Run-time error ‘339’:” which is related to the richtx32.ocx issue I’m having. It then closes down SEnuke.

    I run SEnuke up again, I go to [Generate Spinner Article], enter the content into [original article], press “Generate Spinner Article”. Go to [Create Spinner Article], copy that and go back to [Generate Spinner Article] to paste the content into “Re-write 1”.

    I repeated the process until the 5th re-write – no difference from the original content.

    Anyway, it’s late over there Areeb, get some sleep.

  9. Mark Stewart Says:

    Great stuff been waiting for somthing like this for ages

  10. Dennis Says:

    Sorry Areeb – Commenting on Blog and Talking on IM – Need to pay more attention 🙂

    Feel free to Edit if you like I don’t see a way to do it

  11. Ted Kelso Says:

    Hi Areeb, in one of your replies u mentioned CB. What’s that?

  12. Areeb Says:


    I replied to you at this thread:

    You’re doing it wrong right now, follow the steps mentioned.

    Ted, CB is short for ContentBos – the service we’re using for article re-writes.

  13. thientu83 Says:

    have you ever thought about putting a video up…so people can see what exactly what it can do… would be highly appreciated… I need to build up the contents and seo for my website. i have been looking into your products for a while….but still pondering about it…i have seen a lot of your products marketing out there….just waiting….maybe i will buy it soon………

  14. Areeb Says:

    thientu83 good idea! Added to to-do list.

  15. Ted Kelso Says:

    Why is there a need to wrangle an article 3 times? Also, how is the quality of the wrangled article by CB? If u have spun many articles n concluded the quality is good, that would be more assuring than just spinning a few articles and arriving at that deduction. I’m wary of article spinners that does the work automatically without human input ie paste article to be spun, click spin button n spun article generated. many such article spinners either generate total gibberish (obvious that it is not written by human) or articles that contain parts that I would be embarrassed to post to my blog without further (and maybe substantial) editing.

  16. Dennis Says:

    Ted it’s an option to use and costs extra so if your wary of using a generator you can still do it by hand; it’s not required to use. However, I have done 6 articles now and yes you have to read it and change a word or two that doesn’t make sense but if you look at my original review that opinion sill stands.

  17. Preben Says:

    Finally! I’m really looking forward to try this one out when I get back from Thailand! Thx for the review Dennis, I’ll try to post one as well, once I get back home.

  18. Garko Says:

    it was working
    the last two days it has not been
    i wrote them yesterday and no response.
    it doesnt rewrite the articles
    they come out exactly as they were
    with the settings as recommended.
    what gives?

  19. Areeb Says:


    Please PM me at the forum with the articles you’re using.

  20. Frank Says:

    Why not use ARTICLE SAMURAI which does the same stuff for just $6?

    I am using AS, its too cheap, just one time $6 payment and get unlimited articles converted for nothing!!

  21. Emily Cressey Says:

    Hi Areeb,

    Is this the same “human spinner” service that you link to from the members area? I just wanted to make sure I am signing up for the “new” spinner.



  22. Darlene Says:

    I can’t find the link to get Content Boss for the $25

  23. Areeb Says:

    Darlene, here:

  24. Michael Says:

    I have just signed up for SEnuke and saw the video of the article spinner. At first I was impressed and finally saw a way to turn all my PLR articles into unique ones.

    But, then I realized that I would have to pay an extra $25 a month for this feature! I understand that SEnuke is a powerful piece of software that has improvements and features added all the time, but I had hoped that at $127 a month, I wouldn’t need any other extra services.

    Is there any chance that you will be adding the features in ContentBoss to the SEnuke article spinner?

  25. Areeb Says:


    This issue has been discussed in detail at the comments in this post:

  26. John Christian Lien Says:

    When will you make an update so that SEnuke will work in Internet Explorer 8?

  27. Areeb Says:


    That’s on the to-do list. We hope to have that compatibility within a month or two.

  28. Paul Graden Says:

    I just purchased Content Boss. It’s now $29.95 per month.

    However, the integration with SENuke doesn’t work.

    I have to go to, outside the program, to spin the articles.

    Will the next upgrade restore the integration with SENuke?

  29. Areeb Says:


    Yes it will 🙂

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