PDF Guide and Videos

Spending a few minutes going over how to properly setup and use SEnuke TNG will greatly assist you in your SEO campaign creation.

On this page you will find video guides to 5 key areas of SEnuke:

  1. Quick Overview Of The Main Window
  2. Using the Article Manager
  3. Creating a Wizard Campaign
  4. Using the Turbo Wizard
  5. CrowdSearcher

Beyond that we also have videos on how to use the scrip recorder so you can make SEnuke work on almost any website you want.

All of these sections are also covered in great detail in the SEnuke TNG manual below, we recommend having a copy of this with you for reference during watching the videos and while creating your first campaigns.

However don’t worry, everything you need in SEnuke is either wizard based or fully automatic.

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    SEnuke TNG User Guide

    Comprehensive guide to installing, configuring and using SEnuke TNG.
    We highly recommend every user to read through this PDF prior to using SEnuke.

Quick Overview Of The Main Window

Creating A Wizard Campaign

Using The Turbo Wizard

Sending Keyword to CrowdSearcher

SEnuke Script Recorder Training (Advanced)

The script recorder lets you create little macro scripts to automate submission to pretty much any site using SEnuke. Almost every training video has a table of contents so you can quickly jump to the sections you are most confused about. The training here was create using SEnuke XCr, however the script recorder itself has remained the same in SEnuke TNG and so all concepts and methods still apply exactly the same. The Portal from SEnuke XCr has however been retired.

Script Recorder Training