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50% Recurring and Single Payment Commissions

$5,000 in CASH Prizes Guaranteed!

This 7-Day Special Launch Begins

Tuesday, January 30th 2018 at 1:00PM EST

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Tuesday, Jan. 30th
8 AM Pacific Time
1 PM Eastern Time

This is a TOTALLY Insane Offer That Will Easily Make You Loads of Recurring and One-Time Commissions!


Since 2008, SEnuke has remained at the TOP of the food chain when it comes to link building software tools. But its higher price tag has kept it out of reach for a HUGE portion of the “Do It Yourself” SEO market.

Now we introduce a whole new Nuking option that opens the doors to practically EVERYONE that has ever wanted the Pro version software but NOT at the Pro version price.

Oh and did I mention this option will sell like CRAZY for you!


Here’s What We Got …


In the past, you could install SEnuke on up to three computers, perfect for SEO professionals or those that had a team but not so affordable for the single end user.

Now for one week only were offering SEnuke TNG Pro in a single install version for Just $77 a Month.

This includes FREE Captcha solving, account emails and even proxies! SEnuke has NEVER been offered at such a low price before.

When your subscribers see that they can get a Premium software like SENuke TNG Pro for only $77 they’ll be clicking your link and grabbing it up in a hurry!

After launch this Single install version will increase to $97.


We Did A Little Testing…


A few weeks ago we sent this offer to a small sub-section of our list, in fact, most subscribers had only experienced the free trial and hadn’t been contacted at all in a few months...


Not too bad considering these weren’t even active leads!


A High Commission Funnel That Converts

This launch incorporates the same exact funnel as in all of our successful Nuke launches simply because…IT CONVERTS LIKE CRAZY!

The $1337 Lifetime License is the first upsell and because its only available during special releases like this…HUGE one time commissions are a snap…especially if you have a killer bonus you’re offering!

Yearly licenses are always available BUT during a launch many who pass up the lifetime license grab this option instead.

Single License SEnuke Professional Funnel:



The Three Installation license will still be available but as an Enterprise version at $177 monthly as we get ready to take SEnuke into the next decade with even more incredible innovations.

Three License SEnuke Enterprise Funnel:



$1 Extended Trial Offer on Exit


Your subscribers will be offered an extended full version trial for only $1 should they decide to leave the launch page without purchasing. Most of those who take us up on this trial offer will convert to paying members after experiencing the full power of SEnuke TNG first hand!


Plus Event & Sales Bonus Prizes Throughout Launch Week!


Final Leaderboard

The following was the state of play at the time of the scheduled contest closure:

  1. Eyvgeny Egorov
  2. Tony Cicciotti
  3. Jeff Robertson
  4. Georgi Georgiev
  5. Carey Baird

Final results will be known only after the 30 day refund period expires, and of course the number of 7 day trials that convert to full paying subscriptions is known.

The competition was very close so there is a strong chance those trial conversions will play a big part in the final results.

Any Questions?

If you should have any questions, concerns or need anything at all you can contact me personally here joe@senuke.com

We would like to thank you up front for your support in this new version launch it is greatly appreciated! We can’t wait to provide your subscribers with serious value and fill your bank account with serious cash!

Joe Russel

Areeb Bajwa

We've already paid out millions of dollars in commissions.
Do you really want to miss out this time?

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  1. New FTC Guidelines for affiliate marketing regularly come into effect. As an SEnuke TNG affiliate or JV partner you have read and fully agree to the terms and regulation listed on the FTC Website and that your promotions will be compliant. http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/guides.shtm
  2. NO NEGATIVE MARKETING IS ALLOWED: You agree not to incorporate into your promotions any negative or derogatory marketing keywords or terms such using the word “Scam” and “Is SEnuke a Scam” etc. If it is discovered that your sales are the product of negative promotion all commissions earned will be forfeited.
  3. You must have a minimum of at least three sales in order to qualify for the JV commission rate of 50%. If you fall short of the qualifying amount, any commissions earned will be paid out at the affiliate level of 30%.
  4. Purchasing our products through your own affiliate link is not allowed and will void any commissions.
  5. All sales are closely monitored and automatically reviewed.
  6. If any questionable transactions are detected they will be flagged for a manual review to ensure that all sales are 100% compliant with our rules, regulations and TOS. No commissions shall be disbursed until the manual review process is complete and has determined all eligible commissions.
  7. Unless otherwise approved all commissions are paid out in the month following the expiry of any refund periods.
  8. You may not give away any of our material (for example eBook or report) under any circumstances without prior written consent.
  9. Please make sure that your review/bonus site does not accidentally (or purposely) represent as us in any way - so using our logo on your page is probably fine, but in your header, maybe not - use your discretion.
  10. We don't allow incentives such as cashbacks, rebates, giftcards, prizes etc. to be offered as a bonus for purchasing but Information product bonuses are allowed and encouraged.

In addition affiliates and JV partners are not permitted to use cookie stuffing or click bots in any way.

If in the event of a manual review you may be asked to provide us with the following:

Your legal full name
Your phone number (in case we need to contact you)
Method of promo (i.e.: social, email, PPC)
We may also require you to provide proof of your promotional methods such as a screenshot of your subscriber base, media buy receipt, website etc.